Magic Hat Photographer | A Beauty Shoot with Samar Ali

A Beauty Shoot with Samar Ali

September 27, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

Samar Ali from Grangetown decided to do a Beauty shoot with us at our studio in Cardiff. She arrived with a friend who was very supportive and helpful during our shoot. Took us 15 mins to do a set of different poses in first outfit and another 15 minutes in the second outfit. We showed her final Photographs on the big screen that got her so excited that she asked for all unedited photos straight away. 

We sent her all the photos straight to her mobile through our Mobile App. She left the studio happy but we thought we can make these photographs little bit better by using photoshop, even though she didn't ask for it. I believe as photographers it's our job to do the justice with every photograph we take and do them as good as they can be. So, I took three of my favourite Photographs and edited them in Photoshop. Took me around 20 minutes to edit and send them to Samar. Received a text straight away that she didn't expect them to be that good. Sometimes, clients don't know how better a photograph can be but we photographers do.


Below are some of the Photographs from the session. First three photos are edited using photoshop.

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