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On Second March 2018 heavy snowfall hit the UK. While it was trouble for most people as they were stuck in their homes without much food supply, it was blessing for someone like me and my friends as we were out both days in heavy snowfall having fun and snapping photos. 12 years I've been living in Wales and I experienced snow for the third time here but this time was different as this time it was extream and very deep snow. I took this opportunity to take as many photos as I could while walking around in the snow. Hope you'll like these photos.
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Snow Storm in Cardiff-1327Snow Storm in Cardiff-1328Snow Storm in Cardiff-1335Snow Storm in Cardiff-1337Snow Storm in Cardiff-1342Snow Storm in Cardiff-1346Snow Storm in Cardiff-1356Snow Storm in Cardiff-1358Snow Storm in Cardiff-1363Snow Storm in Cardiff-1368Snow Storm in Cardiff-1374Snow Storm in Cardiff-1376Snow Storm in Cardiff-1379Snow Storm in Cardiff-1386Snow Storm in Cardiff-1387Snow Storm in Cardiff-1394Snow Storm in Cardiff-1395Snow Storm in Cardiff-1396Snow Storm in Cardiff-1397Snow Storm in Cardiff-1405

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