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As the luck would have it, there was a big storm on Amina & Mohsin's Big day. It was raining non-stop and I was gutted as I really wanted some Romantic shots of Bride & Groom. So we decided to go to a really nice Italian restaurant called Deli Fuego on City road as I knew the owner and he was kind enough to let us shoot inside his lovely restaurant.
On the way back to the venue, we noticed that the rain is slowing down so I took them out at Galleon way in Cardiff Bay for few more quick shots. I knew the rain will start again any minute so we quickly set up and literally took 5 shots and it started again. We ran to the car and drove off to the venue for the rest of the evening.
I am really glad that we got some Romantic shots of Bride & Groom as these are the Photographs they'll remember when they'll think about their Wedding day a few years from now.

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